• Will we have found a way to protect earth's ecology, or will we be living in domed cities in the north?
  • To what heights (and depths) will technology take us?
  • What's the future of aviation - will we all be able to fly to the moon and back for a quick holiday? How about Mars?
  • Will we still be able to protect new inventions with patents or will intellectual property all be free over the 'net?
  • Will we be able to keep extending our lives with better and better health care or replacement body parts?


  • Will we still be reading paper books?
  • Will movies and television still exist?
  • How about live performances?
  • Will anyone still be going to concerts, theatre, dance, poetry slams?
  • What kind of worlds will science fiction be imagining?
  • Will older forms of music like jazz and classical music still be around?
  • Will new forms of art emerge?
  • Will we still gather to watch performances, or will we do everything virtually from our own homes?


  • What will Canada's population look like?
  • Will our laws have changed?
  • Will we move to a different kind of voting structure?
  • Has democracy taken over the world or will there still be dictatorships, fascists, tribal wars, exploitation, and colonization of other countries?
  • Will we still have a social safety net, or will it have been dismantled?
  • Will religion still be a strong force in the world, or will it have withered away?
  • What about the future of ethics and economics?

So much to talk about...

  • Mensa members will share their ideas about the future of their own areas of work and interest
  • Local artists will share their thoughts on the future
  • See projections about the future of Canada’s population
  • Hear a talk about Intellectual Property