2017 Mensa Canada AG and AGM

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Join us for a weekend of fun, June 2 - 4, 2017, as we look 50 years into the future from the beautiful Carleton University campus in the Nation's Capital!


The Nation's Capital welcomes all visitors to Fast forward 50 en avant ! Come celebrate Canada's 150th birthday and Mensa Canada's 50th anniversary at an Annual Gathering where it all started: Ottawa!

The organizing committee of Mensa Ottawa has been working hard to arrange a fascinating and diverse series of presentations, speakers, workshops, and activities. True to its origins, the 50th anniversary AG and AGM will take place at the site of the very first one in 1967 - the beautiful Carleton University campus.

Join us as we consider where Canada has been, where we are, and where we may be headed in the future. Politics, history, environment, and law will share the stage with entertainment, education and the sciences.

Just look at what we have planned for your "edutainment"...

  • MicroscopeWill we have found a way to protect earth's ecology, or will we be living in domed cities in the north?
  • To what heights (and depths) will technology take us?
  • What's the future of aviation - will we all be able to fly to the moon and back for a quick holiday? How about Mars?
  • Will we still be able to protect new inventions with patents or will intellectual property all be free over the 'net?
  • Will we be able to keep extending our lives with better and better health care or replacement body parts?
  • arts2Will we still be reading paper books?
  • Will movies and television still exist?
  • How about live performances?
  • Will anyone still be going to concerts, theatre, dance, poetry slams?
  • What kind of worlds will science fiction be imagining?
  • Will older forms of music like jazz and classical music still be around?
  • Will new forms of art emerge?
  • Will we still gather to watch performances, or will we do everything virtually from our own homes?
  • GuideWhat will Canada's population look like?
  • Will our laws have changed?
  • Will we move to a different kind of voting structure?
  • Has democracy taken over the world or will there still be dictatorships, fascists, tribal wars, exploitation, and colonization of other countries?
  • Will we still have a social safety net, or will it have been dismantled?
  • Will religion still be a strong force in the world, or will it have withered away?
  • What about the future of ethics and economics?

... so much to talk about...

  • Mensa members will share their ideas about the future of their own areas of work and interest
  • Local artists will share their thoughts on the future
  • See projections about the future of Canada’s population
  • Hear a talk about Intellectual Property


Are you interested in giving a presentation or organizing a workshop? We want to hear from you!

In line with our "Fast forward 50" theme, we are especially interested in presentations on current and future developments in science and technology. Please send an email to ag2017@mensacanada.org with your name, email, phone number, and your potential session's topic, expected duration and title along with a brief description, and we'll be happy to contact you to sort out details and a schedule.


... all of this along with the usual shenanigans!

Puzzle piecesA games room will be open for game enthusiasts, and we will be hosting several organized games throughout the AG. Some ideas we are considering: "Cards Against Humanity," trivia, "Scattergories," and other wonderful theme-oriented activities.

A weekend-long scavenger hunt will test your patience and brain power. You can take your time to finish it, or be competitive and pull out all the stops. Forget about the hunts you did as a child - this is a Mensa-level scavenger hunt! Don’t think it will be easy.

Musical noteBring your instruments, your voice, and your ears and join in a jam-session or sing-along with Rob Alexander and friends. There will also be selected recorded music for listening - classical to jazz to rock.

Bring a friend and lose yourself in the music.

banquet1A wonderful menu and entertainment are being planned.


Need more convincing? Check out this little slice of awesomeness...

Icon link to video

... and stay tuned!


Don't miss your chance to attend this Annual Gathering - celebrating 50 years of Mensa Canada, and 150 years of nation-building in Canada as we look forward to the future!


* Bookmark this website; details will be posted as they're confirmed! *